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Useful bookmarklets for Web Scraping, Web Development and for easy navigation.

To install the bookmarklet, drag and drop the link to the Browser's bookmark bar.

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Bookmarklets creators



Bookmarklets templates / Executable URLs

Run Generic Javascript Code

<a href="javascript:(function(){ <<< JAVASCRIPT CODE HERE >>>  })()"> Bookmark Label </a>

Inject Script into Page

<a href="javascript:(function(){document.body.appendChild(document.createElement('script')).src='http://SCRIPT-URL/SCRIPT.JS' })();"> Label </a>


Click in the link bellow to show a message box with the text 'Hello World Javascript !!'

Click me
<a href="javascript:(function(){alert('Hello World Javascript !!')})()"> Click me </a>

Useful Javascript Snippts

Inject Jquery Snippet



Panel With Many Useful Bookmarklets

JS Panel

Tiny URL


QR Code

Make QR code to Current Page to make easier to share the URL with Smart Phones.

Create QR code

Search Dictionary

Look up a word on


Find synonyms for a word on

Thesaurus PrintWhatYouLike List All Links

Visit Cached Web Page or Defunct Web Sites

If you see the error: 404 page not found, the you can with one click look for the Web Site in the Way back Machine archive.

Web Archive

Show Password

This bookmarklet takes in your * from form field and shows you the actual password.

Show Passw

Bypass Youtube Adult filter without Sign In

Bypass Youtube

Download Videos

PwnYouTube Bookmarklet

Download a YouTube video from any web page. Save a YouTube video as an MP3 file, iPod file, FLV file, MP4 file, AVI file, and more! Support for Google Video,,,,,,,


Src Img is a bookmarklet that interfaces with Googleâ„¢ Image Search to help you find the creators of images you see on blogs that are too lame cool for attribution. How do I use it? Drag the following link to the bookmarks bar in your browser. Then click it when you are on a page with images you want to track down.



WEB Dev and Scraping

Inject Interactive Javascript Terminal: Jash Shell


Jash Shell

Script Prompt


Prompts for javascript code and variables, which it interprets and outputs in another fully functional prompt. In the right hands, it has all the tools needed for the most complicated script debugging, down to an pocket calculator.

Script Prompt

Inspect Page with AADVARk

The Aardvark bookmarklet is a tool for web developers/designers as well as casual users. To quickly see it in action on this page,

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Inject JQuery

Inject JQuery to test, debug, modify and hack the client side view of a page, so you can run scripts and debug with Firebug or Chrome dev tools.

Inject Jquery

Show Cookies


Pops up the content of the cookie associated with the current website.

Cookie Pop

Execute HTML

Interprets and pops up any selection of written out HTML, including script. Works similar to the "As New Page" bookmarklet if plain text is selected. Saves tons of time and hassle - for geeks.


Execute HTML

Remove Cookies


Cookie Delete

Stop Popup


Attempts to kill all popups and the current window.

Stop Popup

Strip Script


Strips all scripts from a page.

Strip Script

Restore Rightclick

Restores the default function of the alternative mouse button, which is to pop up a contextmenu, on pages where this has been tempered with. diable

Restore Rightclick

Get Window Size


Alerts the width and height in pixels of the inner window.

Get size